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We have 3 packages. Weight loss Diet for those who only wants to lose weight and does not suffer from any medical conditions like arthritis, hypertension, kidney problems, cholesterol and heart diseases.Our second package PCOS Diet is exclusively weight loss diet for women who are suffering from PCOS and wants to conceive naturally.Our third package is Therapeutic diet where diets are planned not only to lose weight but also take care of medical conditions like arthritis, hypertension, kidney problems, cholesterol and heart diseases.

Our diet plans are designed by expert nutritionist and completely customized and 100% natural and we take care that all our plans meet your daily nutritional requirement.

Yes, Our Weight loss program helps Weight loss after pregnancy.

No, every person is different. Every person has different body type, different metabolic rate, and different composition of fat and mass. Hence every person will react differently to our plans. Some people lose weight fast in first month, while some lose weight faster subsequently. But every person is bound to see results sooner or later.

belezzafitness.com programs are highly practical and healthy and you can lose about 3-4 kg weight in a month with our program, though some people might lose more weight. Losing 8kg  weight in a month is not recommended as you will tend to switch to unhealthy option to achieve it which will make you weak and dull.

With Our Programs there will be good weight loss as well as you will lose inches from places where more fat is accumulated. However kindly note, there is no diet plan which aims spot reduction.

All the programs at belezzafitness.com are tried and tested, and if you follow the diet properly you will definitely lose weight, and it is quite evident from our client reviews. However no health care guarantee weight loss, so do we.

belezzafitness.com plans are 100 % natural, and we do not prescribe any artificial medicine.

At our program we do not prescribe any supplements. Supplements are not required unless someone has documented deficiency of any vitamin or minerals. It is always better to acquire nutrients from food than a pill and here at belezzafitness.com we not only make you lose weight but design nutritious and healthy diet for a better living.

Our Programs are doable and easy to follow. We will not make you starve.

No. We plan your diet considering all nutrition requirements, we ensure that you lose weight but not your health, in fact most of the clients experience a renewed vigor, energy and glow after our program.

We have a highy customized diet plan which will fit in your lifestyle and very practical and easily doable.

At belezzafitness.com extra efforts have been put to assess your lifestyle and provide you with diet plan which will fit in your daily routine without much of extra effort and time to spend on cooking.

We will monitor your progress every week, based on which we shall change and redesign your diet, thus making sure you lose weight fast

There is no trial or sample diet session, As we have customized diet plan which will vary from person to person to fit in your lifestyle. We require atleast 1 month of commitment for you to follow our diet plan for us to see some visible changes and positive outcome. Sample diet may not work for everyone the same way, hence we donot rely on it.

Once you have subscribed and paid for the package, you will get an email of package Invoice. You have to then log into your account with your userid and password and fill in the assessment form which will give us an insight of your lifestyle, based on which we will design your diet chart. A mentor will be assigned to you and shall provide your diet plan within 24 hrs of you filling the assessment form.

Yes, it is compulsory to fill in the assessment sheet as it will give us an idea about your lifestyle base on which we will be able to design your diet plan. Within 6 days from the day of subscribing the package the assessment sheet should be filled, as your package starts from the day you subscribe the package and late assessment filled will lessen the number of diet plans received during your program.

After enrolling for our plan you will have to fill in the assessment sheet and upload your present picture for you to help you compare your before and after picture.Every week you will have to update your weight and measurements enabling us to understand your weight loss pattern and help us redesign your diet to help you lose weight effectively

You will be able to maintain the lost kit with the help of the maintenance sheet provided to you along with your last diet of the package.

Every 6th day of the week , from the day you receive your diet plan, you need to fill in your weight and inches of your body in the weight and body measurement tracker by logging into your account for us to monitor and track your progress. You will be reminded to do so by our mentor on email as well.You can also upload your recent photograph to see the visible changes.

After you have filled the assessment sheet and we analyse it, a customized diet plan will be sent to you on your email and it will also be uploaded on your client dashboard which will be visible to you after you have logged into your account on our website i.e. belezzafitness.com

At belezzafitness.com there is no limit the number of times you can raise query to your mentor, unlimited email support during the duration of your package.

You will not be able to directly speak to the mentor on phone or watssup as all the communication between the client and mentor needs to be recorded for quality purpose. You can raise your queries through email and it will be answered within our timeframe. For any issue further you can always write to us at belezzafitness.com