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Thai Soup in Coconut Milk

10 Jun 2018 1383 Views

Thai Soup is made with vegetables and cocnut milk which is great for health of the body. Vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories and hence aids weight loss. They are good and important sources of many nutrients, like potassium, folate ,Vitamin A, and vitamin C, They also contain  dietary fiber and helps in digestion and .Potassium  help to maintain healthy blood pressure.


  1. In a vessel put oil and sauté shallot, garlic and ginger.
  2. Then add coconut milk and vegetable broth and boil it. Now slow the flame.
  3. Now add cilantro, chili sauce, lemon juice and vegetables. Simmer and cook for approximately 5 minutes till the vegetable are cooked but not limp.
  4. Serve with rice (brown rice)


Vegetable broth-1-cup

Shallot, chopped -1

Cilantro, chopped                - ¼ cup

Chopped fresh ginger-2 Tbs

Diluted coconut milk-1 cup

chili sauce to taste

Clove garlic, minced-1

lemon Juice - 1                  

Thai Fish sauce -2 Tbs.


Vegetable of your choice (spinach leaves / sugar snap or snow peas / water chestnuts / black mushroom)-1 cup

Nutritive Value

Serving size:1 cup

Energy :128kcal




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