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Sweet Potato Pizza

Sweet Potato Pizza

15 Nov 2020 716 Views

Many of us love to eat pizza but can’t have it due to its high calorie content. We are here with tasty and also low calorie healthy pizza. This pizza is a good source of iron, potassium and Vit B6. Enjoy tasty and healthy pizza without any guilt.


  • Take 1 medium slice lengthwise sweet potato.
  • Spray with some olive oil and top with some salt.
  • Bake in oven at 1800 C for around 10 min.
  • Take it out from oven and place spread tomato sauce and rest all the toppings.
  • Place back in oven and allow to cook until cheese has melted (approx 2 min)
  • Your tasty sweet potato pizza is ready to eat.


Sweet potato slice – 1slice

Tomato – 3slices

Olives - 2 nos

Low fat cheese – 10g

Broccoli – 10g

Chili flakes- ½ tsp

Oregano- ¾ tsp

Crushed tomato sauce – 1tsp

Olive oil – 1tsp

Salt – to taste

Nutritive Value

Energy -115kcal

Protein – 4.3g

Carbs – 10.6g

Fats – 6.5g

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