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Stuffed egg pizza

Stuffed egg pizza

03 Aug 2021 458 Views

This recipe is high in protein specially it will help for weight gain .Eggs and cheese makes your appetite full. Best time to have in breakfast.


Boil 2 medium size potatoes , mash them .

Chop onion,tomato,capsicum finely.

Take a bowl add all the veggies take  4 eggs and mix it.

Add 2 cubes of cheese add chopped coriander add salt, black pepper, chili flakes mix it all together .

Take a pan add 4 tsp of oil then pour your mixture into the pan in circular shape.

Flip it, cook the other side also.


2 medium potato 

1 medium tomato 

1 medium onion

half capsicum

coriander 1tsp

4 eggs

2 cubes of cheese

salt as per taste

black pepper 2 pinches

chili flakes as per taste

oil 4tsp

Nutritive Value

Energy - 578kcals

protein - 39gm

fats - 27.02gm

carbs - 35.2


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