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Roasted Poha Chivda

Roasted Poha Chivda

13 Nov 2020 626 Views

Poha/rice flakes are gluten free; it can be consumed by those allergic to wheat products. Poha is rich in iron, vitamin B, Carbohyrates and proteins. This is a weight management recipe and can be consumed during any occasions. Enjoy the tasty and oil free namkeen.


  1. Roast the rice flakes in a pan
  2. Add salt in rice flakes during roasting according to taste.
  3. Roast rest of the ingredients one by one in a pan.
  4. Add salt if necessary for taste.
  5. Mix all the ingredients properly.
  6. Healthy and tasty poha chivda are ready to eat.



Rice Flakes - 20 g

Peanuts - 5g

Coconut sliced - 5g

Curry leaves - 3-4 leaves

Almonds - 5g

Dried raisins - 5g

Green chili - 1 small

Salt - to taste 

Nutritive Value

1 Serving 

Energy - 179 kcal

Protein - 4.2 g

Carbs - 21.6 g

Fats - 8.8 g


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