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Rainbow tacos

Rainbow tacos

23 Feb 2022 310 Views

A healthy recipes. Non deep fried tacos make at your home. it will give your taste buds a suprise. Veg tacos blush


Put a wheat and nachni mix flour in a bowl and make a dough. make a roti .

Heat oil in a pan and add spinach leave cook on a low flame for a few seconds.

Remove leave from a pan and add oil then onion , soaked sprouts, tomato , red chilli sauce , dark soya sause , oregano.

Saute for a second .

Apply a curd on chapati , place a spinach leaves , add stuffing.

Roll a chapati 

 Ready to eat .


Spinach   20g

Onion  30g

Tomato 20g

Sprouts 10g

Curd  30g 

wheat and nachni mix flour 30g 

Red chilly souce  1 tsp 

Dark soya suace  1tsp

Salt as per the taste 

oregano  2 pinch

Oil     1tsp 

Nutritive Value

ENERGY                : 210kcal 


PROTIEN               : 7g

FAT                         : 6g

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