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Ragi uttapam

Ragi uttapam

22 Nov 2019 1271 Views

Ragi is rich in calcium, protein and iron. This ragi uttapam is a great idea for healthy breakfast or nutritious snack. The coriander has an irresistible flavour and aroma, this is further enhanced by addition of tomatoes, onions & green chillies.


  • Mix ragi and brown rice flour with curd and add water to make it a dosa consistency batter.
  • Set aside for 20-30 minutes.
  • Heat a non stick pan, roll out uttapams and add onions, tomatoes, coriander and chillies.
  • Let them cook till crisp, then flip.
  • Garnish with coriander and onion.
  • Serve hot with mint chutney.


  • Ragi flour- 15 gms
  • Brown rice flour- 15 gms
  • Curd- 3 tbsp
  • Onions- 50 gms (finely chopped)
  • Tomatoes- 25 gms (finely chopped)
  • Coriander- 3 tbsp (chopped)
  • Green chillies- (finely chopped)
  • Oil- 1 tsp
  • Salt- as per taste

Nutritive Value

Energy: 190 kcals

Carbohydrates: 27.78 gms

Proteins: 4.74 gms

Fats: 6.582 gms

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