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Pineapple carrrot smoothie

Pineapple carrot smoothie

03 Jun 2019 1140 Views

Pineapple carrot smoothie with a touch of pineapple, is actually very appealing and mouth watering recipe. This recipe combines the goodness of carrot with pineapple in such a way that it not only makes it more refreshing and tasty but also retains dietary fibers, minerals and vitamins of both ingredients that is not present in the readily packed juices or smoothies.


1. Take chopped pineapple in a blender

2. Add carrots and orange juice, honey and black salt.

3. Add ice cubes and blend everything well

4. Pour in a long glass and garnish it with mint leaves and lemon and serve chilled.


Pinepple -  3/4 cup

Carrot - 1 medium size

Orange juice - 1/2 cup

Honey - 2 tsp

Black salt - A per taste

Ice - 4-5 cubes

Nutritive Value

ENERGY - 150 Kcal

PROTEIN - 3 gms


FATS - 3 gms

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