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Paneer Mushroom Bread Roll

Paneer Mushroom Bread Roll

10 May 2022 283 Views

Paneer mushroom bread roll.

Healthiest version of vegetarian wrap for those who crave to have subway or McDonald’s wraps. You can treat yourself with this wrap as it is healthies version . It’s like no guilt satiety.  You can also make this wrap vegan by replacing paneer with tofu.  


Add chilli and salt to 1 tsp hung curd and marinate the paneer in it.
Sauté mushrooms and add oregano and chilli flakes to it.
Press the bread with help of a rolling pin 
Put a layer of marinated paneer
Put a layer of sautéed mushrooms
Sprinkle cheese.
And roll it.
Secure the sides with help of water.
Heat up a non stick pan 
Place the rolls on it
Cook till the sides turn golden brown.
Serve it with any dip of choice.


Paneer                    25gm
Cheese                   7gm
Mushroom              15gm
Hung curd              1tsp
Multigrain bread     2 bread

salt                               [ as per the taste ]

Red chili                       1/4 tsp

Oregano                      1 pinch 

Chili flakes                    [ as per taste ]


Nutritive Value

ENERGY : 190



FAT : 9.05

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