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Paneer chole patties

Paneer chole patties

10 May 2022 242 Views

bored of the regular chole and paneer salads?

worry not! we have got you covered here

mix matchibg and creating masterpieces is our forte.

these chole paneer tikkis are not only delicious but super nutritious and low in calories


Mash chickpea And paneer
Add chopped tomato, onion and coriander to it
Add in the salt, chaat masala, green chilli
Mash and mix everything very well together.
Roll them into patties.
Heat a non stick tawa 
Brush very little oil in the tawa
Cook the patties till they turn golden brown from all the sides.
Serve it with coriander mint chutney or any dip of choice



50gm paneer
30gm boiled chole
Tomato 15g
Onion 15gm
Green chilli 1
Coriander chopped
Hung curd
Green chutney

Nutritive Value

energy 220
charb 19.36
protien 13.19
fat 7.6

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