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Weight loss thai soup


12 Jun 2018 1378 Views

This is a nutritious weight loss soup made in Thai style loaded with vitamins and minerals and provided satiety value. Mushroom and Tofu used in this recipe provides good amount of protein . Tofu is also a good source of iron and calcium and minerals like manganese, phosphorous and selnium.Spinach is a rich source of folate and it helps in reducing blood pressure and blodd and glucose and improves bone health.


  1. In a pan, heat the oil and add onion, lemon grass and ginger and them saute for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Add vegetable stock/plain water, oyster mushrooms, bean sprouts, fresh basil ,tofu and fresh red chilies and salt. Mix them well
  3. Once the soup begins to boil remove the pan from the flame and serve the hot soup into a serving bowl


Dry oyster mushrooms (soaked and chopped)- 1 cup

spinach- 2 tbsp

carrot sliced-1tbsp

bell peppers chopped-1tbsp

Lemon grass (sliced)- 3 stalk

Tofu cubed- 35 gms

Ginger (chopped)- 1 inch

Onion (chopped)- 2 medium

Finely chopped Fresh basil leaves- 1 tbsp

Fresh red chilies (sliced diagonally)- 2

Vegetable stock or Plain water- 100 ml

Oil - ½ tsp

Salt- to  taste

Nutritive Value



Protein :4.8g

Fats :4g

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