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Multigrain chickpea sandwich

Multigrain chickpea sandwich

10 May 2022 249 Views

who doesn't like sandwiches!

sandwiches are a boon for fussy vegetable eaters.

this mashed chickpea vegetable sabdwichh is a got to treat for anytime of the day. loaded with fiber, protein, complex carbs and everything good.

this is very light on stomach but will satisfy all your taste buds



Put all the above ingredients into a blender
Blend it well till you get a thick consistency.
Add water accordinglyMash the boiled chickpeas 
Add chopped onion, tomato, green chilli, salt and chaat masala.
Mash all these really well together.
Toast the multigrain bread on a on stick pan
Apply green chutney on 1 side of the bread
Place 2-3 lettuce leaves
Put mashed chickpeas
Place cucumber and tomato rounds on top
Sprinkle little chaat masala.
Place 2-3 lettuce leaves.
Serve it with green chutney and ketchup.


Multigrain bread 2 slices
Boiled chickpeas 30gm
Green chilli 2
Lettuce 25gm
Onion 15gm
Tomato 15gm
Sliced tomato 15gm
Cucumber 15gm

Nutritive Value

Energy  :   276
Carb     :    76
Protien  :    11
Fat       :    3.7

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