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Dosa of moong dal they are crispy crepes made from ground whole mung lentils batter. These healthy crepes are a popular breakfast recipe from Andhra Pradesh and are called PESARATTU means dosa of moong dal. They are vegan & Gluten-free & are very easy to make. Just soak the lentils and then grind them. No need of fermenting the batter. You can use the batter straightway after grinding. Serve this nutritious Moong Dal Dosa hot or warm with upma or coriander chutney.


  1. Rinse the moong dal and soak overnight in enough water.
  2. In morning drain the water and put the mong dals in the jar and add 1 tsp coriander leaves, hing, ½ green chili, ginger, water and salt grind them into a batter.
  3. Remove the batter in a bowl keep it aside.
  4. Heat the nonstick pan and with help of halved potato oil the pan.
  5. With a ladle pour the batter on a pan and spread it in a circular shape.
  6. Sprinkle the chopped onion, green chili and coriander leaves on the batter.
  7. Press with spatula so that they get stuck to the batter.
  8. Flip the dosa and cook for another 2 minutes.
  9. Off the flame and transfer it on a plate with green coriander chutney or with upma.


  • Moong dal – 30 gms (soaked overnight)
  • Onion – 25 gms (finely chopped)
  • Oil – ½ tsp
  • Green chili – 1 (chopped)
  • Ginger – ½ inch
  • Coriander leaves – 2 tsp (chopped0
  • Hing – 1 pinch
  • Salt – as per taste.

Nutritive Value

ENERGY: 134 Kcals.


PROTEINS: 7.75 gms

FATS: 2.26 gms

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