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Lychee Yoghurt Smoothie

Lychee Yoghurt Smoothie

21 Jun 2019 1293 Views

Lychee Smoothie is a nutritious drink that consists of Yogurt, low fat Milk and one of my favorite fruit Lychee or Litchi as its main ingredient. This drink is very smooth in texture and has a nice citrus flavor that make it a very yummy smoothie.

Lychee (Litchi) berries are very sweet in taste, it has very high nutritional content which include great amount of Vitamin C.

It contains compounds that are high in anti-oxidants and helps in protecting skin from UV rays. Besides that it help in building immunity and fight against free radicals. It is a good source of B-Vitamins and minerals such as Copper and Potassium.



1. Place all the smoothie ingredients at one place.

2. Now put peeled and deseeded Lychees(Litchis) and Honey in the Blender and blend it well to form a smooth paste. 

3. Add Milk and Yogurt into it and blend it again for 20 more seconds so that all things get mixed together. Remember not to over blend it after adding Milk and Yogurt into it and blend it well to form a smooth paste. Pour prepared smoothie in a glass, and drink this super healthy citrus flavor smoothie that boost immunity of your body. Enjoy!. 


Lychees (Litchis):- 10 in no (cleaned peeled and deseeded after peeling its skin, seed of the Lychee can be removed by silting the Lychee length wise and pulling out the seed easily)

 low skimmed milk :- ½ cup

low fat Yogurt:- ¼ cup

Natural Honey:- 1 tsp (organic) ( You can increase or decrease its amount if you want smoothie to be more/less sweet)

Nutritive Value


Energy – 145 kcals

Protein – 6.5 gms

Carbohydrate – 24.5 gms

Fats – 1.5 gms

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