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Keto Cheela

Keto Cheela

25 Feb 2022 356 Views

Are you on keto diet?  Looking for a breakfast and brunch recipes. These almond flour cheelas are great bunch and lunch options because they are made with low carb and rich in protein ingredients also very filling and are on the dense side. This is very easy and basic recipe of almond flour pancake. So try and enjoy this pancake with your family…!!!!  


Cut all the veggies.

In a bowl add all the cut veggies then add almond flour , egg white , black pepper , salt.

 To make a  batter add little water and mix well.

Heat oil in a pan pour the batter in a pan and cook both the side on low flame.


Almond flour 30g

Tomato 25g

Carrot 20g

Capsicum 20g

Spring onion Io g

Egg white 1

Salt as per the taste

Black pepper

Black sesame seeds 1 teaspoon

Nutritive Value




FAT   17g

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