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Keto Atta Roti

Keto Atta Roti

01 Jul 2022 260 Views

Keto atta roti are great options if you are on keto diet.

They are low in carbs.

This is very easy and basic recipe. try this recipe.



Put oil, keto atta and salt, isabgol in a bowl.

Mix them with the help of spoon.

Gradually and luke warm water and make a dough then leave it for for 5 minutes 

After 5 minutes make a roti with the help of roller.

Toast each roti on medium hot skillet for 3 minute on each side 

Your keto atta roti is ready to serve.


Keto atta   -  30gms

Oil                            -  1 tsp

Isabgol                    -  1 tsp

Luke warm water    -  1 cup

Salt                         - to taste


Nutritive Value

Energy -  130

Carbohydrate -  4

Protein -   10

Fat -  5

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