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Jowar dhokla

Jowar dhokla

02 Jun 2022 351 Views


 The most famous recipe for which everyone craves. People have it any time of their meal. The special quality about this recipe is that it doesn’t involve any frying, it is just steamed.

Jowar is a great option instead of wheat or rice because of its high nutritional properties. It is an anti-great oxidant, it aids in digestion, helps in weight loss because of its high fiber content. As it is free from gluten, and rich source of protein.

Hence, it could be a great option for people suffering from gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. 


Combine the jowar flour, semolina, curd and water (as required) add mix well and keep it aside for atleast 10 minutes.

Add ginger, green chili, oil, fruit salt and mix it well.

Pour the batter in a thali put it in the steamer for about 10 - 12 minutes.

Dhoklas are ready, serve it hot wiith mint chutney


Jowar flour -          25gm

Semolina -      10gm

Curd -              10g

Salt                  as per the taste

Ginger             ¼ tsp

Green chili    as per the taste

Coriander     as per the taste 

Red chili powder  as per the taste

Curry leaves            few

Mustard seeds   ¼ tsp

Oil                       ½ tsp

Fruit salt             2 pinch 

Nutritive Value

ENERGY - 130 Kcal

PROTEIN - 4 gms


FATS - 3 gms 

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