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Dates Shake ,A Healthy Take

Dates Shake ,A Healthy Take

03 Mar 2021 752 Views

Both dates and almonds helps us to remain balanced and grounded. This delicious dates almond based drink helps to restore our energy  and vitality. Its  great to drink first thing in the morning for breakfast to enhance stamina for the day ahead. Dates are also high in fibre ,  antioxidants and also promotes brain  health. Almonds helps to reduce cholesterol levels. They also reduce hunger and promote weight loss.


  • Firstly, in a blender, take 5 seedless dates
  • Add 120 ml of milk, then add 4 grated almonds
  • Add ½ Tsp sugar and blend to a smooth milkshake. Add ice cubes for a rich texture
  • Then serve it chilled ,as dates milkshake tastes great when served chilled.


Dates-5 (seedless)

Milk- 120ml (Skim milk)


Sugar -1/2 Tsp (optional )

Pinch of cardammon or vanilla extract for a better taste

Nutritive Value


Energy-203.8 kcal


Carbs-36.4 gms

Fat-3.1 gms

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