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Dalia soup with lemongrass

Dalia soup with lemongrass

21 Jan 2020 912 Views

Dalia or “cracked wheat” or “broken wheat” has become very popular at present and is often had in the form of upma or khichdi but I have made soup out of it. Dalia is extremely low in fat content. Thus, it is very good for those who have issues with the fear of putting on weight. This dalia soup is very yummy and tasty. It is very easy to make and can be make anytime of the day as it helps to satiate for longer period of time. The addition of lemongrass gives a unique taste to this soup.


  • Heat oil in a pressure cooker and saute the onions, ginger and garlic till soft and translucent.
  • Add dalia, water, salt, lemongrass and pepper powder and pressure cook for 5-7 minutes on low flame after first whistle.
  • Once it cools down, discard lemon grass of soup required. and blend into a puree. More water can be added according to the consistency
  • Simmer for 5-7 minutes, add lemon juice and mix well.
  • Garnish with fresh coriander leaves, pepper powder and serve hot.


  • Dalia- 15 gms (soaked overnight)
  • Lemongrass- 1 stalk (cut into 3 pieces)
  • Onion- 25 gms (chopped)
  • Garlic- 3 cloves (finely chopped)
  • Ginger- ½ tsp (finely chopped)
  • Fresh coriander leaves- 2 tbsp (finely chopped)
  • Pepper powder- ½ tsp
  • Lemon juice- ½ tsp
  • Water- as required
  • Oil- 1 tsp

Nutritive Value

Energy: 75.3 gms

Carbohydrates: 2.45 gms

Proteins: 3.75 gms

Fats: 5.56 gms

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