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Dahi oats

Dahi oats

22 Nov 2019 1130 Views

Oats are a rich source of dietary fiber as well as a good source of iron and protein. It’s great to have oats for breakfast as it keeps us feeling full till lunch time.

A simple and quick Indian style oats with lightly seasoned yogurt. This recipe is very easy and is a good and healthy substitute for curd rice. It is a mildly spiced dahi oats dish where oats is mixed with curd and is seasoned with a few spices try this oats with curd  “Its healthy”, so easy to make and can be done in minutes.


  1. Grate the carrot, chop the green chilli and  mince fresh ginger and keep it aside.
  2. Take quick cooking oats in a pan and dry roast the oats in a medium-slow flame till you get a good aroma and the oats slightly change color.
  3. Remove from heat and transfer the roasted oats to a bowl.
  4. Heat oil in the same pan. Add mustard seeds and once they start spluttering, carefully add the ginger, green chilli and curry leaves and saute for around 5 seconds on a medium flame.
  5. Then add the grated carrots and fry for 2 minutes or till they turn slightly soft off the flame.
  6. Meanwhile, add curd to the oats and mix well.
  7. Finally add the prepared carrot seasoning to the oats and curd along with salt and stir well.
  8. Dahi oats is ready to served.


  • Quick cooking oats – 30 gms
  • Thick curd – 150 gms (1 cup low fat)
  • Carrots – 25 gms (grated)
  • Oil – ½ tsp
  • Ginger – ¼ tsp (minced)
  • Green chilli – ½
  • Mustard seeds – ¼ tsp
  • Curry leaves – 3-4
  • Salt – as per taste.

Nutritive Value

ENERGY: 167 Kcals.

PROTEINS: 13.5 gms


FATS: 7.9 gms

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