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Chia Strawberry Jam

Chia Strawberry Jam

05 Mar 2021 564 Views

This recipe is loaded with cell protecting antioxidants,as chia seeds deliver a massive amount of nutrients wih few calories and are a good source of minerals like calcium.They help prevent constipation by providing insoluble fibre,which along with the protein content helps loose weight.Strawberries are also rich in antioxidants and contain polyphenols which prevent blood clots, lowers heart disease,promotes brain function and improves digestion.


  • Heat a medium saucepan over medium heat and add the strawberries.Add the honey and place on the stove over medium heat
  • As the strawberries begin to soften over the heat,stir them around in their juices and the honey.
  • Once the berries have softened to the point that they are starting to fall apart,use a fork to break them up even more.
  • Once you see some big bubbles,break the surface and add the chia seeds.
  • Continue stirring the mixture for 15 minutes, and then remove the pan from the stove.
  • Let the jam cool by putting it in the fridge.
  • Enjoy it on a multigrain bread.




Chia seeds-2 Tsp

Multigrain Bread-2 slice

Sugar-1/2 Tsp

Cinnamon powder for a good taste.

Nutritive Value

Energy-217 gms

Protein-6.5 gms

Carbs-39 gms

Fat-4-5 gms

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