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Caesar salad is a mixture of healthy low calorie ingredients which helps you lose weight and provide nutritional benefits to your body. Vegetables are full of nutrients and minerals packed. Lemon juice provides satiety and boosts your metabolism and it is also a rich source of vitamin C and hence also boosts immunity. Feta cheese is lower in fat and calories than most cheeses and supplies key vitamins and minerals, but it can also be high in saturated fat and sodium and so excess consumption should be avoided.


  1. Put all ingredients in a small bowl and mix.
  2. Cover the mixture and refrigerate.
  3. Now mix lettuce and other ingredients in a large bowl, gradually add enough olive oil mixture to coat leaves, and toss gently.
  4. Garnish with feta cheese and serve.


Dried oregano - 1 tsp

Lemon juice - 1/4th tsp

Crumbled feta cheese - 1 tsp

Mixed veggies (tomatoes, onions, lettuce, olives, bell pepper) - 1 cup

Garlic, pressed - 2 cloves

Salt - 1/4th tsp

Olive oil - ½ tsp

Pepper - 1/4th tsp

Nutritive Value

Energy :95kcal




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