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Diet Desert


08 Jun 2018 1503 Views

This desert is made of bajra, which is a rich insoluble fibre which helps stabilize the level of cholesterol in the body. It is linked to lowered risk of gallstone formation and it reduces the secretion of bile acid. It also helps preventing cancer. Milk another important ingredient of this recipe, is a rich source of calcium which is beneficial for the bone and teeth. Cow milk which is fortified with Vitamin D is also good for the bone health and prevents osteoporosis


Clean and wash the bajra

Soak it overnight in a little water.

Next day drain and remove the outer covering of the bajra.

In a vessel boil milk and then add bajra to it .

Keep stirring the mixture till the bajra is cooked and the consistency of the milk is thickened.

Now add sugar and  cardamom powder to it and keep on stirring till the mixture is dried up.

Spread the mixture on a greased tray and garnish with sunflower seeds and rose petals.

Cut into shapes of your choice and serve.


Bajra 25g

Sugar 4gms

Milk 85ml

Green cardamom powder ½ tsp

Rose petals for garnish

Sunflower seeds for garnish

Nutritive Value

Energy :140kcal




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