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Besan pan cake

Besan pan cake

06 Feb 2022 334 Views

Want to eat healthy as well as tasty food. there is a healthier version of the pancake.

chickpea pan cake is full of nutrients which can be a part of any meal.




Cut vegetables into a small pieces.

Put chickpea flour in a bowl add cut veggies , curd, sugar , garam masala , baking soda , salt [ as per taste ] mix well.

Add water to make thick batter and mix well.

Heat oil in a pan

pour batter into the pan

Cook for a ten minute on a low flame.

after ten miuntes turn the pan cake upside down and cook for another ten minutes.

besan pan cake is ready 


Chickpea flour [Besan ] 50g

Curd 30g

Capsicum 20g

Tomato 20g

Oil 1- 2 teaspoon 

Sugar 2teaspoon 


Garam masala 1/2 teaspoon 

Baking soda 2 pinch 

Salt as per taste

Water [ to make thick batter ] 

Nutritive Value

ENERGY                = 343kcal  


PROTIEN               = 30.4g

FAT                        = 14g

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