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Summer Refreshment - Aam Panna

Beat The Heat This Summer

Summer Refreshment - Aam Panna

Nut .Afrin Mukadam 07 Mar 2021 741 Views

Summer season has already begun and so has our cravings for cold drinks!

So here comes a completely healthy recipe of Aam Panna!!

Aampanna is also called as “Green mango drink” It is tangy in taste and absolutely delicious!!


1. Rich in nutrients

It contains various vitamins and minerals which plays a significant role in waste extraction from the body. It rejuvenates and repairs skin, thus providing extra glow to it.

2.  Prevents cancer.

3. Treats depression

It increases concentration and relaxes mind.

4. Protects eyes

It protects the eyes from drying,cataract and night blindness.Aampanna is great for eyes as it is rich source of vit A.

5. Protects foetus

Rich source of folate which help in preventing birth defects and ensures healthy growth of foetus.

6. Maintains electrolyte balance

Aampanna prevent dehydration,improves digestion and helps fight diabetes.


Recipe of Aampanna

  • Rinse the raw mangoes in the water a couple of time.In apressure cooker add 2 cups of water and 1 kg of raw mangoes. Pressure cook for 2 whistles on medium flame for about 12-14 minutes.
  • When pressure settles down on its own, remove the lid.Remove the peel andstrain it well.Collect the pulp in the bowl. To 1 cup of pulp add 2cups of organic jaggery.
  • Add 1 tspncardamom powder,1tspn roasted cumin powder,2tspn black salt,1/4 tspn black pepper powder.
  • Blend it well.Let it cool on its own.
  • Store in a clean glass bottle or jar.
  • Making aampanna - For making drink,add 2-3 tbspn of panna concentration in a glass,add water and a bit of lemon juice.Garnish it with mint leaves.

Side effects

There is as such no side effects of aampanna, over consumption may lead to diabetes or high blood sugar,weight gain ,diarrhea.

Nutritional value of aampanna[250 ml]

1 glass contains about 113 calories.

It is rich in vitamins,minerals and carbohydrates.