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Quality vs Quantity: Can I eat healthy food as much as I want?

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Quality vs Quantity: Can I eat healthy food as much as I want?

Dt. Amila Khan 06 Dec 2020 982 Views


What is more important – eating any food in correct amount or eating any amount of good quality (healthy) food?

It is almost as puzzling as “what came first – the chicken or the egg”?  Clear cut answer to this question is still a debate! Basically both quality and quantity are going to give you calorie, generally speaking, a calorie is a calorie meaning that every calorie provides the exact amount of energy regardless of source.

We need to concentrate on the mantra “CALORIES IN should be equal to CALORIES OUT”. It means the amount of calories you consume should be equal to the calories you burn.

Quantity can be defined as the total amount of calorie consumed, basically the total volume of food. Quantity determines our body’s size and unfortunately, there’s no way around this! If you eat more calories than you require for maintaining your body size, you will GAIN!! If you eat fewer calories than you need to maintain your current body size you will REDUCE!! But if you eat what you need, you will MAINTAIN!!

When it comes to overall health, both quality of food and quantity are important, because it is necessary to consume good quality of food in correct quantity to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

However, when it comes to simply “WEIGHT LOSS” quantity may win slightly over quality through the fact that if you overeat healthy good quality foods without burning the excess calorie you will gain weight. So quantity of food should always be in check. For example, if you consume only brown rice, grilled chicken, oats and broccoli which is could be considered high quality foods, but if you eat those foods in a surplus, without burning your excess intake you would gain weight.

Quality of food matters when it comes to healthy weight loss. What you eat and drink creates a metabolic environment that helps or hinders weight loss- independent of calorie intake. Obviously you can’t ignore calorie entirely, but calorie reduction with unhealthy foods will ultimately slow your weight loss. Individuals on fast food diet control their quantity and lose their weight initially but slowly gain back whatever they managed to lose. 

Diet high in complex carbohydrates, low in fiber and high in trans-fats make harder to lose weight and maintain regardless of quantity. This type of diet may contribute to serious health issues like insulin resistance and heart disease. Keeping all these in mind, QUALITY matters!!! Eating too much of any type of food will put on your weight. When you choose foods high in fiber and water content gives you early satiety thus can control the quantity of foods intake. Despite of being high on calorie content, healthy fats from good quality foods such as nuts, olive oil, seeds etc create a fat-burning environment that helps with weight loss.  

Quality of foods should always be your first priority over quantity because quantity is going to be in check if you have good quality healthy foods. Never skip your exercise and always keep water intake on check. Following this step you may achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

Hence, quality in a proper quantity matters!!!


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