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Pakora and chai?? Say “NO” to it Bhai!!!

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Pakora and chai?? Say “NO” to it Bhai!!!

Belezza fitness 16 Jun 2021 1647 Views

“Aaj baarish ho rahi hai… Chai and Pakora ho jaay?” How many of you have heard or done this? I think most of you reading this blog must have done this every monsoon (this one included)!!! However, this monsoon is a little more different than the others. This time we have a pandemic in hand and this time we should be even more worried about falling ill.

Monsoon is the season of diseases in India. Many types of illnesses are at their peak during this season like dengue, malaria, food poisoning, typhoid and skin infections.

So during this covid-19 monsoon season we have to be even more careful. Having a balanced diet is very important for strong immunity.

 Here are some healthy food habits you need to follow this monsoon.

  • Try to drink warm beverages. Add ginger in your green tea and milk.
  • Avoid street and junk foods because there is a high chance of using contaminated water while preparing the food which can result in various infections.
  • Wash all the vegetables and fruits very well, especially the leafy ones and cauliflower.
  • Avoid fried foods, it may cause acidity. Opt for steamed, boiled, or grilled foods that require minimum amount of oil.
  • Try to include garlic, ginger, turmeric, jeera and coriander in your diet because all of this improves immunity and enhance digestive power.
  • Drink only boiled and filtered water.
  • Eat bitter gourd ( karela) and basil(neem) , fenugreek (methi) seeds , turmeric(Haldi) as these foods help in reducing inflammation in the body and fighting off infections.
  • Try to consume fresh food, if you store cooked food in the fridge, heat it well before eating.
  • Eat moderate quantities of food as body finds it hard to digest the food.
  • Spicy foods should be avoided as it can lead to increase in the body temperature and skin irritation in the form of pimples and rashes.
  • Also avoid cut fruits and vegetables outside home because there are more chances of bacterial growth and infections.
  • Have medium to low salt food as they can cause high blood pressure and water retention.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables as they keep the digestive system in check during rainy season. Try to eat and maintain a healthy diet while at home. Drink plenty of water as it aids in digestion and enjoy this beautiful rainy season!

If you want us to plan your diet please drop us a message on whatsapp on 8291679633 or 9004147737.

Happy Monsoon!! 

Stay Healthy!

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