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Natural Laxatives for Weight-Loss, Constipation and Other Digestive Disorders

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Natural Laxatives for Weight-Loss, Constipation and Other Digestive Disorders

Dr. Zeba Sultan 23 Jun 2018 1884 Views

I have already written about laxatives and how they work. It is not recommended that you use OTC (over the counter) laxatives over a long period of time. They have various side-effects which are really harmful for you.

Therefore, if you are having constipation or any other digestive disorders, you have come to the right place. These natural laxatives will not only relieve you from constipation and other digestive disorders but will also help you in controlling and losing weight.

  1. Psyllium husk: Psyllium husk comes from a shrub-like herb called Plantago ovata, which grows worldwide but is most common in India. Each plant can produce up to 15,000 tiny, gel-coated seeds, from which psyllium husk is derived. It also sometimes goes by the name isabgol. Psyllium husk is best known as a natural laxative and is easily available at all medical stores.


Psyllium husk has a lot of advantages. Apart from acting as a natural laxative it also helps in the following:

  1. It works for both constipation and diarrhoea: When combined with water, psyllium husk swells and produces more bulk in stools, which stimulates the intestines to contract and helps speed the passage of stool through the digestive tract. It helps in diarrhoea too by soaking up a significant amount of water in the digestive tract, which helps make the stool firmer and slower to pass through the system.
  2. It helps in lowering cholesterol levels: Studies have shown that apart from working as a natural laxative, it helps in lowering down cholesterol levels too!
  3. It helps manage blood sugar: Current diabetic patients as well as people who are trying to prevent diabetes should include isabgol in their diet as it helps maintain the glycemic balance of the body.
  4. It improves heart health and blood pressure: Adding high-fiber foods like isabgol in your daily diet can help to lower heart disease risk. It also helps in controlling hypertension which has a direct impact on heart health.
  5. It helps in healthy weight management:  Isabgol can be very helpful in maintaining and achieving a healthy weight since it encourages a feeling of satiety when it is consumed. Since we naturally eat less when we feel full, adding additional fiber to our diets in the form of psyllium husk can help us not overeat and can treat obesity naturally.


  1. Triphala: Triphala is considered as the greatest and most versatile of all herbal formulations. It works not only as a natural laxatives but also has a lot of other benefits. The benefits and the usage of this herbal formulation are so many that I have dedicated an entire blog: Triphala – An Ayurvedic Miracle for the same.

So, what conclusion do you draw out of all this? My advice and suggestion would be that if you are having a chronic constipation issue or other digestive disorders then you can easily use the above two natural laxatives.

They will help in eliminating all your problems naturally without any side-effects. These laxatives also have a lot of other benefits which will also take care of your other problems.

Thank me later and keep reading my blogs!!:)

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