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Dr. Zeba Sultan 07 Jun 2018 1653 Views

I have already shared the sample diet plan to get you all started on the journey to health and fitness! A lot of people ask me the benefit of specialised drinks. If you see my sample diet plan, you will realise that I have asked people to start their day with a pre-breakfast drink which consists of cinnamon, lemon and pepper.  How do these drinks help?

Various health drink recipes are available online, on youtube videos etc which claim to help in reducing weight. Well, some of them are true and most of them are just there for accumulating views. As a registered and practicing health practitioner I have a few recipes as well. I will be sharing 5 home remedies with you which will help in boosting your metabolism and burning away your excess calories for good health.

** Always remember, these drink ‘help’ in achieving your goal. However, just following these won’t help. You need to correct your diet too to get optimum results!


  1. THE MAGIC CINNAMON DRINK: Cinnamon has a host of benefits.  You can refer to my other blog which lists all the benefits of cinnamon to understand why I am recommending it in my diet.

This is an easy to prepare drink, which will help you not only in losing weight, but also in boosting your immunity!


Recipe:Take 250 ml warm water . Do not boil it. Make sure it is of comfortable temperature for you to drink. Add½ tsp of cinnamon powder and stir well. Then add 1 pinch of pepper and 3-4 drops lemon.


  1. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR DRINK: Apple cider vinegar again has a host of benefits. Refer to my blog, ‘The benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar ‘to know more. Start your day with the following drink to lose weight as well as give a kick-start to your metabolism!


Recipe: Apple cider vinegar-1 tablespoon

Water-2 cups

Lemon- ½ tsp

Raw honey- 1 teaspoon

Black pepper- A pinch

Blend and drink.


  1. THE MIRACLE WHEATGRASS: The benefits of wheatgrass are so many that I have again dedicated an entire blog to it! You can start your day with wheatgrass for a host of benefits which include weight loss, insulin regulation, body detox etc.


Recipe: 5g wheatgrass powder or 30 ml wheatgrass juice mixed in a glass of warm water in the morning half an hour before having your breakfast can completely transform your life!

Read my blog, ‘The benefits of wheatgrass’ to know more.


  1. CHIA SEEDS: Chia seeds are my wonder food! They are not only high in fibre but also very rich in nutrients. Read my blog, ’The wonder food: Chia seeds ’

Start your day or end your day with soaked chia seeds and thank me later!


Recipe:Soak 15g chia seeds in a glass of water for an hour. Drink this first thing in the morning to enjoy its benefits!


  1. THE GARLIC WONDER: Everyone uses garlic in their kitchen for multiple purposes. Garlic is known to contain phytochemicals which help to reduce cholesterol levels, regulate hormones, boost immunity, work as an antibacterial etc

Read my blog, ‘The Garlic Wonder’ to know the benefits of garlic.

Start your day with the following to get the maximum benefits of garlic!


Recipe:Take 2 cloves of garlic. Finely chop them and have it with a glass of water!


So, these are the 5 home remedies for weight-loss! Do try them and I would be glad to hear feedback from you! All the best and keep reading my blogs…



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