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Health Benefits of Trifala Blog and it's Uses

Ajinkya Kulkarni 18 Apr 2018 194 Views

  • Sleeping better after taking Triphala at night? Many people report that they sleep better and wake up more rested after taking Triphala before bed. That has been my experience. My theory is that because Triphala cleans your digestive system, your body can spend more time resting rather than doing all the hard work itself. Especially if you have food sensitivities, your body does not have to work so hard to overcome them all night.
  • You sleep better, so you wake up more rested and therefore in a better mood.Clears the digestive system. Good if you have diverticulosis.
  • Some people report a BM 30minutes after taking the capsules. For most people, they are assured a healthy BM in the morning.
  • For many, this is the only remedy for chronic constipation that works, with no side-effects.
  • Resolves IBS issues. For ex, ulcerative colitis (you can take your IBD inflammatory bowel disease drugs with it, no contra-indication).
  • If you need to take iron supplements and they are constipating, Triphala helps.
  • It’s a gentle laxative, so for most people their bowel movements will be healthy, not too watery but not hard and dry.Good if you get constipated when traveling or stressed out. No side effects like regular laxatives (research short and long-term effects of Senna and other laxatives. Irritating to the colon, cannot be taken over the long term; cramping/pain).