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Fruits or Fruit Juices.. Which one to choose??

Dt. Rukhsana Syed 09 Jul 2019 1434 Views

It’s pretty easy to gulp a glass of fruit juice, isn’t it? But have you ever thought about how many pieces of fruit it takes to make the average fruit juice? Juice is pretty easy to drink in large amounts without realising its side effects, because it lacks the fibre that the whole fruit has, which helps us to feel full for a longer period of time.

Fruit juices are not a good option for maintaining a healthy body because they contain very less fibre and more sugar which do more harm than good. Fruit juice isn’t the same as intact fruit and it has more amount sugar as compared to an intact fruit. Even if you are having fruit juice without additional sugar, it is still calorie rich and should be avoided.

Let’s have a look on the difference between fruits and fruit juices.

  • When you consume a whole fruit, you are consuming every part of the fruit i.e.  the flesh, the skin and the pulp. Each of these parts contain different sets of nutrients – such as fibre and flavonoids in the skin and vitamins and minerals in the flesh and even more fibre in the pulp. The nutrients in each component are likely to interact with each other, enhancing their digestion and absorption into the body.
  • With fruit juice, the skin and pulp of the fruits are often removed which therefore reduces the number of nutrients and leaves a much more concentrated source of sugar. This concentrated source of sugar results in rapid increases in blood glucose and therefore blood insulin levels which may be detrimental for health and increase the risk of diabetes. Additionally, some juices contain added sugar and/or sweeteners so you always need to check the labels before gulping it.
  • Fruit juice, even 100% freshly squeezed, is a concentrated dose of sugar that is quickly ingested by our body, spiking blood glucose levels and straining our pancreas.
  • Juicing an entire fruit and consuming the juice without filtration may theoretically keep the fibre in your drink, but actually tears down these fibre linings and results in blood glucose spikes as well.
  • Heat in blenders while preparing juices, can at times denature nutrients within the fruits.
  • While whole pieces of fruit keep you busy and satiated, fruit juice makes you want to drink more. It takes 3-4 oranges to make a one-cup serving of orange juice. You can drink a cup of orange juice in 25 seconds and instantly ask for another glass. How long does it take to eat 3 oranges, even if they have been peeled and sectioned for you? After eating 3 oranges, will you eat 3 more?

Why are fruits a good option?

  • Fruits have fibres. These fibres improve your gut health. Juices are devoid of pulp (in most cases) and thus no fibres.
  • Fruits have fruits sugar (fructose), fibres, and other essential vitamins and minerals. The juices retain concentrated sugars.
  • Fruits when eaten as snacks relieves your hunger pangs and provide enough but not excess calories to perform day-to-day work.
  • Fruits make you feel fuller for longer and thus help avoid binge-eating on fast foods. Fruits are just fluids, so you can still fill eatables to the rim.
  • Fruit fibers help decrease glycemic index (GI) of overall meals as they are slowly digested, juices are digested quickly and have high GI.
  • Fruits eaten at right time and right amounts do not cause instant spike in blood glucose levels. Juices are a complete ‘No’ for diabetics as they cause instant rapid increase in blood sugar levels.
  • Fruits are natural power source of nutrients. Juices may come with additives, preservatives, and extra calories.
  • One of the recorded benefits of fruit skin is the ability to lower the risk of cancer, due to the presence of pigments such as carotenoids and flavonoids. Juicing, unfortunately, deprives us of enjoying these benefits.

Fruit juices are good only for: -

  1. Patients, who can’t chew or are with weak digestion
  2. Aged people, who can’t chew
  3. Toddlers who can’t chew


So, think twice before you leap forward to pick up that tall glass of juice which is full of sugar and preservatives. Instead, enjoy the benefits and the crunchiness of a whole fruit. Add fruits to your salads and meals, like sprouts and fruit salad, apple and paneer sandwiches, fruit and nuts porridge etc.


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