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Does eating banana cause cough?

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Does eating banana cause cough?

Dt. Saira Khan 31 Oct 2019 46603 Views

“Don’t eat banana!! It will cause cough! “Have you ever heard people say this?

It is a common myth that eating banana during night can lead to cough, cold and flu. Let us put some facts to check over here:


One of the most nutritious fruits known to humans are bananas. Bananas are packed with nutrients and antioxidants that a bunch of fruits together cannot complete with. Bananas are rich in potassium which is crucial in maintaining blood pressure levels in our body. It also has natural antacids that make them an excellent remedy for soothing an upset stomach. Bananas also helps to eliminate the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers, ease heart burns. The high fiber content of bananas helps bowel regularity and eases constipation. They give instant energy to the body.

Health science does not believe in things like foods being hot or cold in nature. However, it is a fact that hot tea is surely hot in nature and cold drinks are purely cold.

Fruits like bananas and grapes are cold in nature. Many individuals avoid eating banana during cold because of the effect that it has on the throat. People have experienced worsened cough when eating banana during cold. This is not because of the fruit itself, but it is noticed that it causes irritation to a few.

When we suffer from cold our immunity system is already weak and we are at the risk of contracting bacterial diseases like sinusitis, pneumonia and tonsillitis.

Individuals suffering from cold tend to have mucus formation in their nose & throat. Increased histamine levels can cause your body to make more mucus. It is important to keep in mind that some foods may cause increased mucus for some people and not for others. Food items such as bananas, strawberries, pineapple, papaya, eggs and chocolate may increase histamine levels.

Another problem associated with eating bananas at night in individuals who have mild cold or cough is that they may suffer from a coughing attack at night if they consume the fruit before they sleep.

During night our body is more vulnerable to infections. We should avoid eating anything close to bedtime, as that is when our metabolism is low and our body is looking to wind down. If you feed your body with food, it would transform into energy which our body is not exactly looking for at that time.

Bananas are extremely healthy and energizing fruit. Those who are prone to cold, cough or are asthmatic should avoid bananas in the evening as it produces toxins in the digestive tract.

However, bananas are extremely nutritious and must not be ruled out of your diet. It is best to avoid eating sweet things at night, especially very sweet fruits, as they increase energy levels at the time when your body is actually demanding sleep.

Therefore, it is advisable not to eat bananas, grapes or curd like foods when we suffer from cold and flu in the night. However, banana can be easily and should be included in your general diet as the fruit is not responsible for causing cold or cough.

I hope this blog was useful in clearing out your myths about bananas!! Enjoy the fruit but keep in mind that bananas are also rich in calories!  



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