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Dt. Amila Khan 10 Nov 2020 797 Views



The biggest national festival is here!! We are all in the festive mood this time of the year. With all the festivities; cleaning, shopping etc. comes FOOD and SWEETS!!

Many of us wait for Diwali to have all our favorite sweets. We either prepare it at home or buy it from a shop.

However, having too much sweets can have a rather negative impact on health. Also, it lowers your immunity! So keeping in mind, all the negatives we have come up with something truly positive—COCO-DATES LADDOO!!!

Coco-dates laddoo are healthy and at the same time it will satisfy your craving for sweets during this festive season!

Coco-dates laddoo are sugar-free laddoo without any artificial sweeteners.  It contains 100% natural sweetness as compared to sweets that are available in market with artificial sweeteners.

Coco-dates laddoo are highly nutritious and packed with all micro and macro nutrients. They are loaded with goodness of dates, coconuts and figs. Each and every ingredient used is filled with lots of health benefits.


Health benefits of coco-dates laddoo –

Aids in healthy bowel moment – The fiber content in dates and fig are extremely high, they can be highly beneficial to people who are suffering from health issues caused due to irregular bowel movements. They act as a natural laxative and add bulk to the stool


Controls diabetes- Dates have the ability to increase the production of insulin and also has several properties that can help a lot in reducing the rate of absorption of glucose from intestine. This helps a lot in reducing the risk that is posed by diabetes. Dry figs with ample amount of potassium help to regulate blood sugar spikes which happen post meals and helps maintain blood glucose levels under control.


Promotes bone health– Dates and figs are rich in nutrients such as selenium, manganese, magnesium, copper, calcium and phosphorus. These nutrients promote the formation of bones and stimuli regrowth of bones if there is any injury or deterioration of bones.


High concentration of anti-oxidants – Anti-oxidants are compounds that inhibit the process of oxidation and thereby eliminates the dangerous free radicals which can cause a lot of harm to your cells.  Dates are known to have high concentration of anti-oxidants. 


Facilities natural labor - several studies had showed that a pregnant woman who eats dates regularly have a higher chance of delivering by natural labor.

The health benefits stated are not all, the ingredients used in this recipe has many more health benefits.

  • Reduces risk of cancer
  • Anti – inflammatory
  • Prevents microbial infections
  • Reduces the rate of hair loss etc.

So what are you waiting for…? Prepare your healthy coco-dates laddoo at home.

This Diwali distribute coco-dates laddoo to your loved ones and spread your nutritious love!!!!!




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