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10 tips to lose weight easily

Weight Loss


Dr. Zeba Sultan 08 Jun 2018 3150 Views

So, a lot of my patients ask me, Can you tell me how to lose weight without following a strict diet or exercise regime?

Now, to be honest, if you are looking for specific amount of weight-loss and from a particular area of your body then doing just this won’t fetch you your desired shape. There are no shortcuts for success. For that you can purchase our plans and I will help you achieve your goal.

However, these tips are really easy to follow health- tips which will help you lose a couple of kilograms without too much hassle.

You will not just lose weight; you will also lose a lot of health problems and issues that you might be facing.

You will even start looking and feeling better. So, here are 10 easy to follow tips for losing weight easily:

1.Use only the specified amount of oil for the day-avoid all fried foods. Use non-stick cookware. Steam grill, roast, or bake food stuffs.


2. Reduce sugar intake in all forms soft drinks, sweet etc. instead limit intake or dilute it with water. Always opt for fresh lime (with mint) soda or coconut water instead of any soft drinks, (only if it is a must) use a sweetener like EQUAL/STEVIA instead of sugar. Cut down on aerated drinks and alcohol.


3.Limit sugary desserts, instead top off your meal with a fresh fruit which will both satisfy your desire for sweets and provide valuable nutrients.


4. Drink plenty of water! Drink at least 3 litres of water each day. Don’t eat dinner until you have finished drinking your daily water requirement.


5. Water is one of six essential nutrients needed for life and by the time your body says. “I’m thirsty” you are usually several quarts short. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water daily. Your system needs the fluid to aid in digestion and elimination of fibrous foods. Prefer Nimboo pani, plain thin buttermilk, jal jeera, vegetable juice or soups.


6. Start your meals with mixed vegetable soups, vegetables juice or just a glass of plain water. Remember don’t add any cream, cheese, butter, oil or cornflour to soups.


7. Avoid table salt, pickles, specially oil based ones are full of calories and salt, so avoid them and opt for pudina, dhania, tomato, garlic and ginger chutney instead, which are tasty and still low in calorie. Avoid Chinese food as it is very high in oil and salt content.


8. Always have a full plate of green salad without any oil dressing before your meals.


9.Keep healthy foods handy like fruits or vegetables in the fridge. Keep all food in the kitchen and pantry, not in other places.


10. Eat small regular meals at regular intervals. Keep a schedule and follow it diligently.


So, what are you waiting for? Just follow the above tips and notice the difference around your waist-line! Keep reading my blogs and thank me later!

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