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10 Lifestyle hacks for a fitter YOU!

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10 Lifestyle hacks for a fitter YOU!

Dr. Zeba Sultan 18 Jun 2018 1445 Views

“I am too tired to work-out!” “There is no time to follow a diet”, etc. etc. How many times have you given this excuse for not leading a healthy lifestyle?

In my health career spanning more than 4 years, I have come across multiple people who give me the excuse of a hectic work life for not taking care of their bodies. This has led to a lot of problems in our generation. Obesity is on an all-time high, we have become the diabetes capital of the world, hypertension amongst young adults is becoming common and so on.

HEALTH IS WEALTH is not a myth. It is the only reality in today’s world. Your wealth and riches may leave you one day. But, you will have to live with your own body till you die! How can you be so careless about something that will be with you till you die?

It makes absolutely no sense that you are giving your job and work more priority than your health. However, the most common argument that I get is, “Hey, we have responsibilities!”, “It is not easy to survive in this world!”, “There are so many expenses!!” etc. etc.

I do understand that in this hectic life of today we cannot give up our jobs and give importance only to our well-being. But one cannot deny the fact that health is absolutely necessary too.

So here I am, trying to work out a balance for you.  10 lifestyle hacks for a fitter YOU!

  1. Sleep for a minimum of 7 hours: Lack of sleep can cause a lot of harm to the body.  Our body is designed by nature to work along with the sun’s cycle. People who stay awake till late in the night always have multiple issues with their health.Your body gets optimum rest between 10 pm to 2 am. So, try to sleep as early as you can.Get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep to maintain your health.
  2. No radiation before you sleep: The radiation that is emitted from your electronic devices is known to interfere with your sleep pattern making your hormonal balance to go for a toss! So, make sure you do not use your mobile, television or laptops at least half an hour before you retire to bed!
  3. Keep all electronic devices away from the room you sleep: I have seen many people charge their mobile phones right next to their bed. Some, even going to the extent of keeping the mobile phones under their pillows! Stop this immediately! Keep all electronic devices away from the room you sleep in.
  4. Do not drink in plastic bottles: Staying hydrated is very important. However, you need to stop drinking from plastic bottles. Keeping the bottles in your closed car and then drinking that water can even cause cancer! So, drink from steel. Copper or any other metal bottle. Refrain from plastic!
  5. Eat dinner before 8 pm: Try to eat early dinners and go light on your stomach in the night. Your metabolism is the slowest in the night and it is best to not trouble your system in the night. Working professionals often have heavy dinners and that is one of the main causes for obesity. However, once in a while it is okay for you to indulge in a heavy dinner. But refrain from making it a habit.
  6. Stay away from refined sugar: White sugar is poison for the body! Refrain from too many sweets that are made from refined sugar. Also, taking sugar free tablets is not an option. You can have a piece of dark chocolate if you have a sweet tooth or a piece of rajgira chikki. However, stop taking refined sugar to avoid complications with your health.
  7. Stay away from packaged and processed foods: A lot of people ask me, “Is it okay to have masala oats at least?”. My answer is NO. Packaged foods contain preservatives and heavy amount of sodium. This causes bloating and water retention in the body along with a lot of other complications. Simple advice: Cook and eat your food. Anything that gets prepared in less than 5-10 minutes, please avoid!
  8. Exercise Everyday: I do understand it is not easy to include exercise in everyday schedule, but this is absolutely necessary in today’s life. You do not have an option but to at least stretch your muscles for 30 minutes daily. I don’t think 30 minutes out of your daily life is too much for your own well-being. So get that lazy butt up and start exercising people!!
  9. Drink plenty of water: Stay hydrated so that your kidneys are able to flush out all the toxins from your system. You have to remember that you should never gulp down water. Drink it sip by sip throughout the day. Divide the day into 3 parts. From the time you wake up till lunch, mark and finish 1 litre of water.  From lunch to evening snacks, finish another litre of water. From evening till the time you sleep, finish another litre of water. This way you can easily take 3 litres of water daily which is an absolute necessity for an adult body. So, start sipping the natural calorie-free drink for a healthier YOU!
  10. EAT HEALTHY! Last but not the least, eat healthy food! Eating healthy means that you include raw salad in your lunch and dinner. Never skip breakfast. Avoid fried and oily foodstuffs and keep the above points in mind!


So, working professionals and all you other people!! Start by following the 10 hacks that I have given you and believe me you will be shocked by the results you will get. A few changes here and there and you will be pleased with your own transformation. Thank me later and keep following my blogs!






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